Real Life Weddings

The Venue, The Mulberry

Erin & Cade: A Styled Shoot

The Venue, The Mulberry

Erin & Cade: A Styled Shoot

I know, I know this wasn’t exactly a “real life wedding” but it was pretty MAGICAL, which is why I HAD to share. I mean really, how could I not? Once you see the photos, you’ll understand why! But first, I guess I should explain to you what a styled shoot is and why we, as wedding vendors, execute them.

During these crazy-coronavirus ridden times, all of us in the wedding industry are getting antsy. We aren’t as busy with wedding work, so we feel the need to create. A styled shoot is a perfect way to do just that. It also gives us a chance to be very selective of the type of work we are creating and executing. Most client’s of ours dictate what we get to do for their wedding, and rightfully so, because they are paying for it-and we all know weddings are not cheap! But in the styled shoots, we, as vendors, get to exercise full creativity and do what we want! Which actually in turn, helps future clients see our FULL potential, and creates a win-win situation for everyone.

This particular shoot was designed by myself, and a local photographer, Josie Brooks-@josiebrooksphotography– who is AMAZING by the way!! We wanted to bring a boho dream to life. We started our project together back in March, by creating a vision board that consisted of every detail we wanted to incorporate into our dream shoot. This meant face timing over the phone for about 2 hours while finding inspiration photos of cakes, wedding dresses, jewelry, etc. Once we finalized the board, we submitted it to a local wedding venue in New Smyrna Beach, The Mulberry, @themulberrynsb. Owner, Jessica, quickly responded and was on board. However, things took a turn and we had to put everything on hold due to- well, you know-Coronavirus.(insert eye roll emoji here) So let’s just fast forward to June, when things started to seem like they were getting back to “normal”. We began reaching out to vendors that we thought would fit our vision and execute it to the fullest. This involves A LOT of emails, with a lot of unreturned responses, and a lot of let downs, especially when you can’t get a specific company on board due to scheduling conflicts. Basically what I am saying is, styling and planning a shoot IS NOT EASY-props to all you weddings planners out there!

Finally, after a month or so of the “back and forth” we had our hand selected team of amazing wedding vendors, and let me tell you, they brought their A GAME. Please see the vendor list below, and be sure to check them out!


And now the photos I am sure you have been DYING to see….

The Venue, The Mulberry
The Venue, The Mulberry
Paper Lay Flats
Paper Lay Flats: Paper Goat Post & Men’s Ring: Try Hitched
Headpiece: Judy & Madeleine
Earrings: Tree Myriah
Cake: Vibrant Cakes & Confectionery
Cake Cutting
Models: Erin & Cade Bouquet: BAUGhaus
Custom TeePee & Florals: BAUGhaus
Florida Wedding Photographer - Josie Brooks Photography - Moody Boho Editorial The Mulberry Venue-38_Original
Florida Wedding Photographer - Josie Brooks Photography - Moody Boho Editorial The Mulberry Venue-183_Original
Table Setup
Rentals: Trove Rentals, Florals: BAUGhaus, Macrame Place Settings: Sullovin Knots
Place Setting
Macrame Place Setting: Sullovin Knots Menu: Paper Goat Post
Mobile Bar: Bow Tie Spirits
Dress: Eleanor’s Bridal
Hair & Makeup
Hair & Makeup: Jess Velez for Beauty Brigade
Tux: Friar Tux
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