Professional Hair & Makeup

Why You Should Hire a Professional Hair & Makeup Artist on Your Wedding Day

Professional Hair & Makeup

Why You Should Hire a Professional Hair & Makeup Artist on Your Wedding Day

Ladies (and gentleman), let me start by saying this, I am a licensed cosmetologist, and a hair and makeup professional, who WILL be hiring a pro hair and makeup artist on my very own wedding day and there are so many reasons why! I understand your wedding day can be a very expensive day, because let’s face it, we know weddings are not cheap! But there are some things you should not skip out on, and one of them should not be hair and makeup!

Thinking about buying your own makeup and doing it yourself? Think again! Let me tell you, you will spend more money purchasing makeup products to create a full face look than you would by simply hiring a professional. As someone who spends A LOT of money on makeup, I can assure you that you will spend roughly $200-$300; realistically even more, on the necessary makeup products. Don’t worry, we’ve already spent this money for you on not only makeup products, but hair products, and specialized technique classes, as well.

Performing Hair Services
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We, as professionals, have gone to school, as well as additional specialized training classes to learn how to perform these services. During this time we have learned about topics such as color theory, face shapes, and eye shapes. These are specific theories and features we consider when creating a custom designed look for our clients. Everyone’s skin tones, eye color, hair color, facial shape and features are completely different and can be very difficult to apply to if you have not had the proper training. Please think about this when your friend, who does an amazing job at her own makeup, volunteers her services at no charge to help you save some money. She may execute her own makeup flawlessly, but she has not had proper training to execute a makeup application on a face that has completely different features and colorings.

Chances are you have not skimped on a photographer, because you want documentation of your special day, right? You want to capture those special moments with you and your loved one saying, “I Do” for the first time, and I am sure you want to look effortlessly flawless while doing so! Well, let me let you in on a little secret, those professional cameras pick up tiny details that you may not have noticed. Seriously, I mean EVERYTHING. Let’s say you did your own makeup, and didn’t blend your foundation down onto your neck and decolletage, sorry to say, sis, but that makeup line on your jaw is most likely showing up in those photos! Eek!

Performing Makeup Services
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Another reason you should hire a pro hair and makeup artist is the factor of time. We have worked many weddings and we know how to time them accordingly, in order to execute all booked makeup and hair services. I often provide my brides, with larger bridal parties, a timeline of services so they can see exactly how the execution of these services will be laid out. Having someone else, such as your friend, who does not do this on a regular basis, do everyone’s hair in your 6 person bridal party is not ideal. The results are rushed, messy hairstyles, and everyone scrambling at the last minute to get themselves down that aisle. This leaves you, the bride, beyond stressed, and most likely not feeling as flawless as you wanted to look and feel on your special day!

Needless to say, I am sure smooth sailing is what you prefer on your wedding day. So sit back, relax, and let the pros handle the hair and makeup! After all, this is what we do, and we do it well!

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