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Moody Mansion: A Styled Shoot

Moody Mansion: A Styled Shoot

Moody Mansion: A Styled Shoot

Moody Mansion: A Styled Shoot

Another styled shoot in the books, and I know I GUSHED about the last few but, guys this one was also amazing, but in a completely different way! The inspiration behind this very moody mansion shoot was created by Beauty Brigade owner, Mandi, and Josie Brooks-photographer, but was brought to life by Les Petits Details, LLC-wedding planners.

When Josie and I first planned this vision in June, we felt that the most perfect venue for this to take place at was Howey Mansion. (PS: If you have never been to or seen this venue, you MUST. It is such a stunning, historical site). However, when we reached out initially, the venue stated that they could not take on shoots during that time. At first we were pretty bummed, and tried looking for comparable venues, but nothing compared. It was then, that we decided to temporarily put the shoot on the back burner.

Well, imagine our surprise when, in July, the Howey Mansion reached back out to us stating they could finally take on the shoot, with one stipulation- we, as vendors, had to work together and create a team with the other wedding vendors that previously asked the venue about styled shoots. Let me explain something about styled shoots. When you are planning one, and searching for vendors, typically you want to choose the professionals whose style matches the creative vision, as well as who you think can execute the vision to the fullest. So having a team somewhat already chosen for you, can be great or not so great. Needless to say, we (Josie and myself) were on board, but a little nervous about this plan at first.

However, this story has a happy ending! Everything worked out in the end, and let me tell you, the initial team of vendors, plus the ones that were added to the shoot by Les Petits Details- were nothing short of AMAZING! We were able to work together to create a cohesive, gorgeous styled shoot. So glad I got to meet some new “friendors” (friend plus vendor) and create some gorgeous work while doing it! Stay tuned for some future collaborations with some of them!


And now the photos I am sure you have been DYING to see….

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