Top Five Favorite Bridal Suites in Central Florida

Top Five Favorite Bridal Suites in Central Florida

When choosing a wedding venue there are so many things to consider. Some of these important factors include price; aesthetic; inclusion of extras, such as chairs and tables; and so much more! There is one more factor that ALL brides should take into consideration, but many of them do not, and that is the BRIDAL SUITE. This is usually a separate room on the property where you, the bride and your bridal party, are allowed access to get ready before the ceremony begins. This is where you can find me and my team, glamming up the bridal babes!

I have seen many bridal suites in the 10+ years I have been in this industry. Some of them are amazing, and some not so much. Please be sure to ask to see the bridal suite when you tour the venue. Trust me, there are some important things you are going to want to look for!

Check out the list below:

  • Lighting: Make sure there is plenty of NATURAL light coming into the room or space. Yes, we usually bring our makeup lights, but in a room with little to no windows, our makeup lights won’t be very helpful getting ready in a dark cave.
  • Restroom: Having a restroom or bathroom within the suit is helpful so that the bride does not need to roam about the venue, and chance being seen by any guests, the groom, or anyone else they are trying NOT to see before the ceremony time.
  • Seating: It’s going to be a LONG day. You want to be able to hang out with your bridal party and relax while the getting ready process is underway. So many times have I been CRAMMED into very small spaces with a 10+ person bridal party and it’s not fun or comfortable for anyone.
  • Accessibility: Make sure you check what time you have access to the bridal suite. Most venues only allow 2-3 hours before the ceremony. In this case you will most likely be getting ready offsite. (If offsite at a home, AirBNB, or hotel: all of these factors still apply!)
  • Central Air Conditioning: You probably think this one is a joke right? NOPE. Many of the wonderful barn venues do not have A/C, so sometimes the bridal suites have no A/C or are run by a window unit. Have you ever been in a tiny room with 12 others in June, and the only form of airflow is a window unit? I have, and trust me it’s HOT, not HAWT.
  • Small Refrigerator: This one is not a necessity but helpful to chill all that champagne for those mimosas you’re planning on having! (or snacks if you aren’t a drinker).

Now that you know what to look for! Here are a few of my personal favorite bridal suites in Central Florida!


October Oaks; Clermont, FL

Why I love it: It is a space, separate from the barn venue space. It contains a restroom, lots of natural light, a makeup table with a lighted vanity, a tri-fold mirror, and seating for a bridal party crew!

Forever Ranch; Ormond Beach, FL

Why I love it: While it is still attached to the barn venue itself, it is a completely separate room, which allows access to both the venue space and outside. It also contains a restroom in the bridal suite as well as a seating area, antique dual vanity, and salon style chairs! (Which I LOVE so I can raise or lower my clients depending on their height). Oh yea, it also contains a small refrigerator. So, be sure to stock up on the snacks and champs ladies and gents!
Check out the website linked above to see more photos of this bridal suite!


The Foxtail Estate; Daytona Beach, FL

Why I love it: This coastal garden venue is located near 2 marinas on the Halifax River, and is also a super cute boutique style bed and breakfast! Their bridal suite contains plenty of windows, allowing for ultimate natural lighting as well as a makeup vanity with lighting.It also has some seating available on a very chic blue velvet couch. (I’m a sucker for anything velvet). There are also several bedrooms located upstairs near the suite, in case you have a larger bridal party and need more space!

Venue 1902 at Preservation Hall; Sanford, FL

Why I love it: If you have never visited this venue before, you should! It is an old school house turned event venue, and boasts so much charm! Their bridal suite is HUGE! Those of you with a large bridal party will have no problem fitting comfortably into this space. There are 2 separate restrooms within the bridal suite, multiple tables with small vanity mirrors and chairs for makeup and hairstyling, a couch for seating and SO many windows, allowing for ALL the natural light.


Paradise Cove; Orlando, FL

Why I love it: This waterfront wedding venue contains a small bridal cottage on property. Within the cottage you will find a kitchen, living area, and an upstairs bedroom with a small landing area at the top of the stairs. You have everything you need within arms reach and have no reason to leave the studio at all, until ceremony time! The last time I was on property, the bride and I opted to perform hair and makeup upstairs in the landing, which contained seating, a full length mirror and a small table-just the right size for all my makeup supplies! Oh, and did I mention natural light galore?!

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