HCTB: Hair Comes The Bride

HCTB: Hair Comes The Bride

Good morning, afternoon, and evening babes! Today’s blog post is all about bridal hair accessories! I cannot tell you how many times I have performed a hair trial on a bride, perfected the requested hairstyle, and then asked her to hand over her hair accessories to complete the look and… womp womp, there’s nada.

Most brides think “Well, I have a veil, so I will just wear that!” I totally understand the thought process here. You spent a pretty penny on that show stopping cathedral length veil, and while it looks gorgeous for your ceremony, I can guarantee you are not wearing that while dancing the night away(talk about a head/neck workout)! Most likely, the veil is being taken off immediately after the ceremony, or after formal photos. While your hairstyle is definitely beautiful on its own, it can always look even better with some additional florals, bling, or jewels! TRUST ME!

This is where Hair Comes the Bride comes in handy for you, the bride. Due to Beauty Brigade’s affiliation with the company, all of our bride’s have access to their amazing Try Then Buy Program for ZERO COST! SAY WHAAAAAT??!!

Here’s how the process works:

  • Step 1: After you schedule your trial with Beauty Brigade, we will supply you with a direct link to HCTB’s “Try Then Buy Program” website page.

  • Step 2: Once on the TTB page, you will select 3 hair accessories that you think will look best with the hairstyle your hair stylist will be executing on your trial date. There are a variety of combs, clips, vines, and headbands to choose from! This is the most difficult step, and I only say this because, once you see these stunning accessories, you’ll want to try more than just 3!
  • Step 3: After choosing the 3 hair accessories you love, HCTB will ship all of them to your Beauty Brigade artist, and we will hold onto them for your trial date.

  • Step 4: At the trial, we will execute your hair design, and try on all 3 pieces to see which will be the best fit! If you find one you love, you will pay your artist directly and take it home with you that day, and we will ship the other 2 back for you at no charge! If you don’t love any of the pieces, no problem, we will ship all of them back for you at no cost!

Ladies, I really can’t stress this enough, this is an amazing opportunity to try multiple bridal hair accessories for your special day, at literally t0 cost to you! The only thing this process will “take up” is your time, because deciding between all the stunning, high quality accessories is tough work!

Here are some of the lovely hair accessories Beauty Brigade utilized for a photoshoot:

To view the entire collection of Hair Comes the Bride’s accessories, click on either of the links below:


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