What is a Bridal Trial and Why Should I Have One?

What is a Bridal Trial and Why Should I Have One?

Hello, beautiful babes! This week we’re talking about bridal trials and why it is a good idea for you to have one. For those of you who don’t know what a bridal trial is, it is the “practice run” for the bride’s wedding day hair and makeup look. Let’s talk a little more about the entire process and what you can expect! Keep reading as I answer some common questions I usually get from brides such as yourself.

“When should I schedule my trial?”

Typically, I suggest most brides schedule their trial 2-3 months away from their wedding date. This will ensure you have chosen a dress and an overall theme to the way you want to look(boho, vintage glam, classic, etc.). Some brides like to use their trial to have hair and makeup done for other bridal milestones such as engagement shoots, bridal showers, or boudoir sessions and that is ok too! I have had clients in the past who have booked their trial with me more than 7-8 months ahead of time, and I understand if this is your only option being that you are an out of state client, or due to other extenuating circumstances. However, this is not a particularly ideal timeframe. Think about how many times you can change your mind about an outfit you’re wearing for a random night out. Now imagine how many times you could possibly change your mind for one of the biggest events of your life. More often than not, client’s who schedule this far in advance end up changing their minds on the look they want, and tend to need a second or even third trial.

“Should I have more than one trial?”

If you are deciding between several beauty service providers, then I would absolutely schedule multiple trials! You want to book your appointments with the artists who can execute the type of look you are requesting as well as meet your budget. First, I would begin with researching makeup artists and hairstylists in the area you are wanting services in. Then narrow those down by aesthetic, then by pricing. What I mean by that is, if you are requesting a boho braided updo and natural makeup application, you wouldn’t want to choose an artist or team who only seems to execute classic updos and full glam beats, right? That’s like going to Taco Bell and ordering a burger! If you are unsure of the type of work they do, send photos of the look you are expecting and simply ask, Sis!

“How does the trial usually work?”

Once you schedule the trial date and time, you should begin searching for hair and makeup inspiration photos that suit your style. Bringing photos to your trial is super helpful for your artist so they have something to refer to, and ask questions about. When choosing photos, be sure to choose “models” that look similar to you, so that the looks you are requesting will reflect onto your specific features as well. Countless times, I have had clients that have brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin show me blonde haired blue eyed, fair skin inspiration photos, not understanding that the makeup look will appear completely different on them than on the model shown in the photo.

After referencing your photos, I will begin to ask questions. Typically, I will ask my clients what they like about the photos and what they do not like. I will also point out certain details of the look, such as winged eyeliner, and ask if they would like to incorporate this into the look. Then I will ask questions that help me get an overall sense of their style as well as daily routine when it comes to hair and makeup. Finally, I ask about their hair and skin type and texture, as well as areas of concern.

After the mini client consultation, I begin the client’s makeup application and hair styling, being sure to stop and ask questions along the way so that my client feels comfortable with the look I am creating for them. After we complete the look, I ask my client if there are any things they would like to change. There is always room for small adjustments, but the trial is always limited to one hairstyle and one makeup application.

After the look is executed, I always suggest for my clients to wear the complete look throughout the day, so that they can get a sense of how the hair and makeup hold up through daily activities. After all, you’ll most likely be wearing your hair and makeup for 8-10+ hours on your wedding day, so why not test it out to see how well it stays in place for extended periods of time!

“What happens after the trial?”

After the trial, your artist should reach out to you and ask you how your trial hair and makeup look wore throughout the day. This is when you should let them know about details that you did not like about the hair or makeup so that they can make adjustments for the wedding day. Understanding your specific beauty needs will also help the artist determine the timeline necessary for your specific services on the wedding day.

I hope these answers helped you get a better idea of what a bridal trial is and how it works! It’s definitely a great way to help determine your PERFECT hair and makeup look, as well as find the best artist for the job! It can only help ease your mind, and enable you to feel confident and look your best on the wedding day!

Here are some of my bridal clients who decided to use their trial hair and makeup for photoshoots!

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